The funk is over I think…

Wow, it has been one hell of a win­ter. The econ­o­my goes to crap, my com­pa­ny starts lay­offs, the fam­i­ly gets sick mul­ti­ple times. The start of this year has been just bru­tal. So here’s the run­down…

I’m irri­tat­ed at all of the folks that want to blame Oba­ma for the econ­o­my being in the crap­per. You are morons. You are idiots, one, because you con­tin­u­al­ly choose to ignore the pre­vi­ous admin­is­tra­tions 8 years of inep­ti­tude. Two, because even if McCain had been elect­ed you would still find some­one else to blame. Fact of the mat­ter is you can’t take owness or crit­i­cism of any­thing. You believe you can do no wrong. Well, quit your whin­ing, you made this bed you have to lie in it just like the rest of us. Whether or not the Oba­ma admin­is­tra­tion can fix this mess remains to be seen. I for one am opti­mistic.

As part of this mas­sive FAIL my com­pa­ny is fol­low­ing suit with all the rest and elim­i­nat­ing jobs. I’m not sur­prised. I knew that we would be, espe­cial­ly since the merg­er last year. Two com­pa­nies can not merge with­out there being some sort of work­force over­lap. The only prob­lem is that it is exac­er­bat­ed by the poor econ­o­my. I was for­tu­nate enough to not be one of the ones cut this time. Next time, who knows. Instead of get­ting laid off I was sub­ject to a pay cut. I was rather angry at first but after a few days came to my sens­es and was still grate­ful to have a job. Now, with the announce­ment of anoth­er pay cut, albeit tem­po­rary (for now), I’m still some­what grate­ful. I think.

Com­bine that with the fact that every­one in my house can not seem to be healthy all at the same time and it makes for a very depress­ing sit­u­a­tion. The poor kids have had one ali­ment after anoth­er for what seems like for­ev­er. Last week was the cul­mi­na­tion of what I’m call­ing the per­fect storm. Z got the flu, then I got sick, then A got sick all imme­di­ate­ly fol­lowed by Michelle get­ting sick. I start­ed get­ting over it then got sick again and that was fol­lowed by Z get­ting sick. It was a vicious cir­cle. The boys end­ed up get­ting anti-biotics for their ail­ments and as they got bet­ter so did Michelle and I. So over the week­end we thought every­one was out of the weeds and then A wakes up with a bad rash that con­tin­ues to get worse. Yes­ter­day he goes to the Dr and they say he has hives. Joy. Anoth­er pre­scrip­tion and hope­ful it’ll be tak­en care of. Today, the lit­tle boys went to school, yes, they are doing much bet­ter. A’s rash is still there but much, MUCH less irri­tat­ing and looks much bet­ter. Z was his usu­al cranky self. Which is quite nor­mal for the morn­ings. Michelle gets to deal with that every day, she loves that fact so very much.

The big kids are home with me since it’s spring break and I’m 1/2 off work and 1/2 work­ing from home today since I have a pho­to shoot this after­noon and have to take Jen­ny to have her wis­dom teeth pulled tomor­row. Which brings me to yet anoth­er chap­ter in our won­der­ful life. Last month Jenny’s herb­st device (think of the old fash­ioned head-gear, only now it’s more tech­no­log­i­cal­ly advanced and inter­nal to the mouth rather than worn on the head) broke and I took her in to have it fixed. Since she had been wear­ing it for over a year already and it was due to come off soon any­way they went ahead and pulled it out. She was very excit­ed about this. Now that her herb­st was out she was to get her bot­tom braces installed. This hap­pened last Wednes­day. When her herb­st broke and they removed it they did a full x-ray and said that she need­ed to talk to anoth­er Dr about hav­ing her wis­dom teeth removed before they caused prob­lems for her 12 year molars. So that appoint­ment to talk to the new Dr was last Thurs­day evening. They were able to sched­ule her for this week (Spring Break) since she will need about 4 days or so to recov­er from hav­ing 5 wis­dom teeth removed. Yep, I said 5 wis­dom teeth, she has one stacked on top of anoth­er. She must real­ly be smart.

On top of all of that mess I had to deal with my win­ter “funk”. What a joy. The first part of this year was enough to depress any­one, but one thing on top of anoth­er, on top of anoth­er I had about enough. I final­ly pull myself togeth­er and decide that I just don’t have the time, or the ener­gy to get depressed about any of this crap, any­more. I need every  bit of san­i­ty and ener­gy to keep things togeth­er on a dai­ly basis and any spare juice I’ve got I need to use it to focus on the busi­ness. So I pull myself out of this funk and it seems Michelle goes into one. She’s had her own full plate with her new job. The new job that she absolute­ly loves. I’m glad she loves her job but the fact that she’s been trav­el­ing so much and this job has so much of her focus is tak­ing it’s toll around here. When she’s not work­ing in the evenings she is worn out and tired, a lot. The busi­ness is suf­fer­ing and giv­en what’s hap­pen­ing with the day job, that’s not a good thing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t do it with­out her. We just have too much going on for either one of us to be able to do any of  this alone so some­thing is going to have to hap­pen and it’s going to have to hap­pen soon. If she doesn’t have the time I’m afraid that this year I may have to find anoth­er sec­ond shoot­er and some­one to han­dle mar­ket­ing for me. So much for the hus­band & wife team mar­ket­ing angle.

Anyway…I’m still opti­mistic. Things will get bet­ter. Across the board. Mark my words.