If only…

I could remem­ber my frig­gin pass­words to log into things. Actu­al­ly, it would be bet­ter if I would log into them more often and make updates and then it wouldn’t be an issue.

The iPhone has died. It usu­al­ly dies at some point through­out the day if I don’t remem­ber to put it on the charg­er. It’s not like I for­get to put it on the charg­er dai­ly, it’s just that the bat­tery sucks. As in SUCKS ASS. Yes Apple that was direct­ed at you. You need to make more of an effort to design bet­ter prod­ucts to go into your prod­ucts. Or, in the very least, make prod­ucts that have parts we can actu­al­ly replace. Bunch of ass­hats think their crap is going to last for­ev­er or that we’re going to fork over the cash to fix/replace the garbage that does stop work­ing.

Anyway…if you’ve been fol­low­ing my tweets you’ll know that I am one of those peo­ple that if my tech­nol­o­gy stops work­ing every­one will know about it and it will become the most use­less garbage on the face of the plan­et and no one should ever buy one, EVER again. I’m not quite to that point yet but dammit I am very close. Not that I’ll have an impact on Apple’s stock but the rant­i­ng and rav­ing does make me feel a lit­tle bet­ter.