Just got back from a week’s stay in Char­lotte, NC yes­ter­day. I was out there to vis­it a client site mak­ing sure that every­thing was going well and to insure that any issues that were present were addressed and tak­en care of prop­er­ly. It was more of a polit­i­cal show of force but it was nice to meet with the client and make sure that they knew that we are com­mit­ted to mak­ing things work the way they should.

While in Char­lotte I did a lit­tle dri­ving around and had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to spend one evening with some very good friends. We had din­ner and then I was giv­en the tour of their home. Lots of cool stuff if you’re into cycling and fit­ness and machine shop para­pher­na­lia. Ok,  lots of REALLY COOL stuff.

I stayed at the Hyatt Sum­mer­field on S. Try­on not too far from the air­port. I’m usu­al­ly indif­fer­ent when it comes to this class of hotel as far as what they offer and how well things go. This time though I hon­est­ly could not stand the beds & pil­lows. The first night I attrib­uted it to me just being away from home and not being used to the bed. Despite being com­plete­ly exhaust­ed I did not sleep well. Very rest­less and uncom­fort­able sleep. The fol­low­ing nights were each sim­i­lar repeats. Even one of those nights, hav­ing had a few beers did not help. The beds are sim­ply that uncom­fort­able. I men­tioned this to the ven­dor that was in town with me and was stay­ing at the same hotel. They said that their expe­ri­ence with the beds were the same. So it wasn’t just me. Oh well, les­son learned. All of the oth­er aspects of the hotel were great. The staff was excel­lent and the com­ple­men­tary break­fasts were great.

One fun­ny thing to note was the “used tow­el gnome”. For the first two days that I was there it seemed like every time I left the room and came back my used hand and bath tow­els dis­ap­peared. It was almost dis­turb­ing by day two and the fact that I no longer had any bath tow­els left and no hand tow­els left but only a cou­ple of wash­cloths and a kitchen tow­el. How­ev­er, when I came back from din­ner all of my tow­els had been refreshed. House­keep­ing must have been watch­ing me very close­ly and deemed me as a heavy tow­el user.

The flight from DFW to CLT was mis­er­able. I was in the mid­dle seat of three with a rather large gen­tle­man on my left and a cranky woman on my right. Thank­ful­ly he was quite polite and she slept the entire flight. I fired up the music on the iPhone, plugged in my head­phones and read my sail­ing mag­a­zine the entire time.

Not think­ing that the return flight from CLT to DFW could be any worse, espe­cial­ly since I had select­ed a seat on the port side of the plane where the rows were only two across. I was wrong. I was against the win­dow with a very nice woman on the isle. She wasn’t the prob­lem though. I just don’t fit these coach class seats very well and about 45 min­utes into the flight my butt went numb and my hips hurt. I spent the remain­der of the three hour flight shift­ing and scoot­ing around in my seat attempt­ing to stay com­fort­able. I even attempt­ed sleep think­ing that if I could just fall asleep I would sleep through the dis­com­fort and the entire ordeal would be over soon­er. Not so. I would doze off and then wake up due to the dis­com­fort, rearrange my rear, fall back asleep then wake up 5 min­utes lat­er. Rinse, repeat. It sucked. I am too tall, my shoul­ders are too broad and my legs are too long to prop­er­ly fit in those crap­py seats. Do I recall Amer­i­can Air­lines say­ing that they added more legroom a while back? Ya, that’s a load of bull­shit. Don’t let them fool you. THAT is not legroom.

All in all, a decent trip minus the flights and beds. I’m glad to be home where I can sleep nor­mal­ly. Not that I sleep that good in my own bed, ever. But at least it’s bet­ter than I slept in Char­lotte and I have more room in my lit­tle Nis­san Pathfind­er than an air­lin­er.