P90X Day 1

Umm…ouch. I had my ass kicked yesterday. We’ve started the P90X Lean program and let me tell you, it will kick your ass. If I can keep up with all of the exercises in the end, that will be a major accomplishment. Not only can they get complicated, they are difficult. Really, what kind of crazy self loathing individual came up with the chaturanga yoga pose? I mean really?

For me I wanted to get lean first and then build back my muscle and definition that I had in high school and college. Well, it’s 20 years later so I’ll just take some of that muscle and definition. Lean day 1 started with core synergistics. These exercises focus on building your core strength. Let’s just say everything between your knees and your chest. I know this because everything between my knees and my chest is slightly sore today. Especially my hip adductor or inner thigh along with my abs and obliques. I do have tender deltoids which I’m guessing is because I was probably using too much weight on my dumbbells.

Today, for Lean day 2 is Cardio X. Not quite sure what Tony is going to do to us but I’ll let you know tomorrow.