P90X Day 1

Umm…ouch. I had my ass kicked yes­ter­day. We’ve start­ed the P90X Lean pro­gram and let me tell you, it will kick your ass. If I can keep up with all of the exer­cis­es in the end, that will be a major accom­plish­ment. Not only can they get com­pli­cat­ed, they are dif­fi­cult. Real­ly, what kind of crazy self loathing indi­vid­ual came up with the chat­u­ran­ga yoga pose? I mean real­ly?

For me I want­ed to get lean first and then build back my mus­cle and def­i­n­i­tion that I had in high school and col­lege. Well, it’s 20 years lat­er so I’ll just take some of that mus­cle and def­i­n­i­tion. Lean day 1 start­ed with core syn­er­gis­tics. These exer­cis­es focus on build­ing your core strength. Let’s just say every­thing between your knees and your chest. I know this because every­thing between my knees and my chest is slight­ly sore today. Espe­cial­ly my hip adduc­tor or inner thigh along with my abs and obliques. I do have ten­der del­toids which I’m guess­ing is because I was prob­a­bly using too much weight on my dumb­bells.

Today, for Lean day 2 is Car­dio X. Not quite sure what Tony is going to do to us but I’ll let you know tomor­row.