The Beginning of the End

It is  the beginning of the end for unlimited bandwidth. First there was AT&T eliminating the plans  that allow for unlimited data transfer now it appears as though Verizon is doing it as well. This makes you wonder if Sprint and the others that still offer unlimited service have increased contract sales or are people simply willing to accept the limitations.

For me this is not a huge deal since I still have unlimited on my iPhone 3GS and will continue to do so for as long as I possibly can. The deal is that if you make any modifications to your account/contract then you end up with the limited plan. So, if I were to go out and get a new iPhone 4 I would not longer have the unlimited plan but be forced to stay under their top end. Since my iPhone contract doesn’t end until some time in the summer of 2011, I’ll just keep what I’ve got until then. Maybe there will be an uprising by then and we will have more options. Or I’ll win the lottery and be out sailing the world on my catamaran and not really care what AT&T or any other US mobile carrier does. One can hope.