The Beginning of the End

It is  the begin­ning of the end for unlim­it­ed band­width. First there was AT&T elim­i­nat­ing the plans  that allow for unlim­it­ed data trans­fer now it appears as though Ver­i­zon is doing it as well. This makes you won­der if Sprint and the oth­ers that still offer unlim­it­ed ser­vice have increased con­tract sales or are peo­ple sim­ply will­ing to accept the lim­i­ta­tions.

For me this is not a huge deal since I still have unlim­it­ed on my iPhone 3GS and will con­tin­ue to do so for as long as I pos­si­bly can. The deal is that if you make any mod­i­fi­ca­tions to your account/contract then you end up with the lim­it­ed plan. So, if I were to go out and get a new iPhone 4 I would not longer have the unlim­it­ed plan but be forced to stay under their top end. Since my iPhone con­tract doesn’t end until some time in the sum­mer of 2011, I’ll just keep what I’ve got until then. Maybe there will be an upris­ing by then and we will have more options. Or I’ll win the lot­tery and be out sail­ing the world on my cata­ma­ran and not real­ly care what AT&T or any oth­er US mobile car­ri­er does. One can hope.