Kid Leashes

I had to run to the Gal­le­ria to pick up a watch I had in for repair. M was down in the area doing some­thing so she met up with me and we had lunch at Cor­ner Bak­ery. While order­ing our food I turn around and notice that there is a woman order­ing at the oth­er reg­is­ter. This woman has a child. This child has a har­ness on. This child’s har­ness is attached to a leash which the woman is hold­ing on to. While I have seen these “leash­es” before at places like amuse­ment parks and the like, I’ve nev­er noticed one in a mall. It struck me as odd but not extra­or­di­nar­i­ly so. What hap­pens next did strike me as extra­or­di­nar­i­ly odd. The child who at this point is a lit­tle wound up starts to wan­der. The woman yanks back on the leash like she is attempt­ing to heel a dog. Not say­ing a word to the child, just yank­ing like the kid is a dog. At this point I began to notice oth­er details about the woman. She’s dressed very well with a nice dress and heels, all for a day of shop­ping in the mall with child. Obvi­ous­ly she pays a pri­ma­ry care­giv­er to take care of her daugh­ter and is not used to hav­ing to ven­ture out on her own with her child. Anoth­er detail that I noticed, the child was old enough to talk, I know this because she called the woman “mom­my”.

I real­ly do wish I was clever enough to cap­ture this inci­dent with my cam­era phone. I believe I was prob­a­bly more stunned by the mother’s behav­ior than any­thing else. It just goes to show you that some wealthy peo­ple, those that don’t care to take the time to treat their chil­dren like humans, real­ly shouldn’t have chil­dren. I say “wealthy” but real­ly this state­ment applies to any­one. This lit­tle girl will prob­a­bly end up in ther­a­py at some point down the road.