Kid Leashes

I had to run to the Galleria to pick up a watch I had in for repair. M was down in the area doing something so she met up with me and we had lunch at Corner Bakery. While ordering our food I turn around and notice that there is a woman ordering at the other register. This woman has a child. This child has a harness on. This child’s harness is attached to a leash which the woman is holding on to. While I have seen these “leashes” before at places like amusement parks and the like, I’ve never noticed one in a mall. It struck me as odd but not extraordinarily so. What happens next did strike me as extraordinarily odd. The child who at this point is a little wound up starts to wander. The woman yanks back on the leash like she is attempting to heel a dog. Not saying a word to the child, just yanking like the kid is a dog. At this point I began to notice other details about the woman. She’s dressed very well with a nice dress and heels, all for a day of shopping in the mall with child. Obviously she pays a primary caregiver to take care of her daughter and is not used to having to venture out on her own with her child. Another detail that I noticed, the child was old enough to talk, I know this because she called the woman “mommy”.

I really do wish I was clever enough to capture this incident with my camera phone. I believe I was probably more stunned by the mother’s behavior than anything else. It just goes to show you that some wealthy people, those that don’t care to take the time to treat their children like humans, really shouldn’t have children. I say “wealthy” but really this statement applies to anyone. This little girl will probably end up in therapy at some point down the road.