Drafts Will be the Death of Me

I am an on-and-off perfectionist. That might be the reason why I have so damn many blog posts that are still in draft status. One of those posts actually talks about how I use Evernote to seed my blog posts. I wrote that draft at a time when I was keeping blog post ideas “seeds” as little notes within Evernote. Which by the way is an absolutely wonderful tool that I use almost daily. Especially since I suffer from CRS or Can’t Remember S&^%.

Anyway, I’ve made it part of what I’m calling my “late New Year’s resolution” to go through and either delete all of my draft blog posts (which probably won’t happen because I am what I call a “data hoarder” and can’t delete anything…there should be a reality TV show about that…but I digress) or actually turn them into thoughtful blog entries (yeah right).

The fact that I don’t believe in “New Year’s Resolutions” and think that any resolution one makes just because it is a new year is doomed to fail is beside the point. I simply need to try harder and make more time to actually put my thoughts that I have already put forth the effort to jot down on paper, or really, electronically.

In the mean time, here is a good long one to keep you busy for a while. Or put you to sleep. Either way it’s dated with it’s original draft date.

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