It’s been one of those days…


If it weren’t bad enough that I get paid to tell people what is the “right” thing to do only to have them discard my sage advice on a frequent basis. I get to do this daily. Under previous circumstances my professional advice would be heeded and things would change as they needed to be. This however, is a completely different situation. Let’s take for example one statement I overheard this week while in the office, “It’s been that way since I started here years ago.” Yes, I’m sure many of us hear that from time to time but for Christ’s sake, just because you’ve been doing it the way someone told you to do it 1, 5, 10, 20 years ago that simply does not make it right. Just because someone told you that is how it needs to be done doesn’t mean that you are expected to take that at face value. You have value as a contributor when you challenge the status quo and come up with some new or innovative way to do things. If you have a better idea put your big boy or girl underpants on and present it. What’ the worse that can happen, they’ll say no? So what, if it is something you are responsible for then do it anyway. You see, when it all comes down to the wire, what matters are results. So what if you didn’t do it “their way”. Maybe their way would have taken you twice as long. Maybe their way would have made you work at that single task twice as hard and waste other people’s time. So you did it better. Do it and see if they say next time you produce faster, higher quality results.