SOPA — Who supports it who doesn’t?

Today, much of the inter­net is a buzz about SOPA and sites are encour­ag­ing vis­i­tors to con­tact their elect­ed offi­cials in Wash­ing­ton and voic­ing their opin­ion that they shouldn’t pass SOPA. I DO NOT sup­port SOPA. While as an artist I am high­ly sen­si­tive to the issues around copy­right. SOPA is not appro­pri­ate.

While brows­ing Face­book I ran across this link post­ed by quite a few of my ‘friends’  to this “List of SOPA Sup­port­ers and Spon­sors”. The Google site states that Vod­kaCran­ber­ry of Red­dit as the author of the com­piled list and also pro­vides this link to VC’s Google Doc where they appar­ent­ly attempt to list all of the SOPA sup­port­ers.

Now, while I dis­agree with SOPA I have to approach such a list with cau­tion and I encour­age you to do the same. More so, do your own research as to whether or not a com­pa­ny that you wish to do busi­ness with sup­ports SOPA. I only say this because in the big­ger list (Google Doc) Apple is list­ed as a sup­port­er of SOPA via the Busi­ness Soft­ware Alliance. First off, as with any­thing Apple, the fan­boy haters love to spew garbage and almost always do not check their facts regard­ing that garbage. John Fox touch­es on the “guilt by asso­ci­a­tion” issue in his  Decem­ber 23, 2011 blog post here.

Like John I have to say that when and if Apple were to sup­port a bill like SOPA I would be in the line to con­demn them. And I can assure you that line would be very long.

My point is that before you go and voice con­dem­na­tion for a com­pa­ny please insure that you are stat­ing facts and mak­ing informed deci­sions based on facts, not assump­tions. Assump­tions as replace­ments for the lack of facts is just idio­cy.

Just because you read it on the inter­net doesn’t make it so.

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  1. Thanks for the linkback. I know it’s been a while since you’ve pub­lished this, but I don’t seem to be get­ting the noti­fi­ca­tions from Word­Press that I once was.

    It’s nice to know that I’m not a lone reed, stand­ing in the sand against the wind when I write unpop­u­lar posts like my SOPA post. The igno­rant mass­es got so bad when leav­ing replies to my post I had to shut com­ment­ing down. It’s a shame there’s no joy in casu­al debate and dis­cus­sion any­more — it seems to have become all about who is right and assert­ing author­i­ty.

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