Cedar Waxwings – 0, House – 4

Today I heard another “thud” emanating from the living room. The distinct sound of bird-strikes on our tall (20’+) windows in our living room is unmistakeable. Until this winter I have not heard the strikes or found the corpses of these birds and all of a sudden the count is up to 4. This time (#4) and last time (#3) I hear the distinct “thud” and find the bird on the back patio, still breathing. Last time the bird passed away after a short while. Earlier this winter one hit (#2), I went to pick it up and put it on a branch in one of the evergreen trees out front. That bird I can only assume shook off the stunned concussion and flew away as we watched it somewhat closely and a corpse was never found. This time I’m hoping the same fate applies. We will see as it is still breathing and has a stunned look on it’s face. Bird #1 I heard the thud but didn’t see the bird. It wasn’t until the next day I found the corpse in the open cooler on the back patio. When I saw it, I knew exactly what had happened.

In case you are wondering what these little suicide bombers look like here’s an image from Cornell University: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Cedar Waxwing