Messages Beta (Getting ready for OS X Mountain Lion)

So while getting caught up on my Twitter feed I ran across this post on MacTrast. At the time that I read the article I wasn’t having any problems. I also had not yet run any software updates either. Yesterday evening I finally got caught up on my software updates and this morning I noticed that my Messages Beta was not working the way it should. Matter of fact, it was unusable in any form. I went through the usual troubleshooting steps with no luck. I finally resorted to searching Google, Apple Support, and the Apple Support Forums. Here’s the deal. With the upcoming launch of OS X Mountain Lion it appears as though Apple has decided to disable the Messages Beta installations. What this means for those of us who are/were running the Messages beta app, we need to fix it, find an alternative, or uninstall. Well, according to this article you can, in reality, do all three at once. Following the instructions to remove the Messages Beta I realized that I had an alternative offered to me in the form of reverting back to iChat. Fine with me. So, when you select the option to uninstall Messages Beta it actually does prompt you and ask if you want to re-install iChat. After a minute or two and a quick reboot I was back in business. Nothing else required and it just works. Nice.

Now if only Apple had let the populous know about this ahead of time that would have been even better.