Messages Beta (Getting ready for OS X Mountain Lion)

So while get­ting caught up on my Twit­ter feed I ran across this post on Mac­Trast. At the time that I read the arti­cle I wasn’t hav­ing any prob­lems. I also had not yet run any soft­ware updates either. Yes­ter­day evening I final­ly got caught up on my soft­ware updates and this morn­ing I noticed that my Mes­sages Beta was not work­ing the way it should. Mat­ter of fact, it was unus­able in any form. I went through the usu­al trou­bleshoot­ing steps with no luck. I final­ly resort­ed to search­ing Google, Apple Sup­port, and the Apple Sup­port Forums. Here’s the deal. With the upcom­ing launch of OS X Moun­tain Lion it appears as though Apple has decid­ed to dis­able the Mes­sages Beta instal­la­tions. What this means for those of us who are/were run­ning the Mes­sages beta app, we need to fix it, find an alter­na­tive, or unin­stall. Well, accord­ing to this arti­cle you can, in real­i­ty, do all three at once. Fol­low­ing the instruc­tions to remove the Mes­sages Beta I real­ized that I had an alter­na­tive offered to me in the form of revert­ing back to iChat. Fine with me. So, when you select the option to unin­stall Mes­sages Beta it actu­al­ly does prompt you and ask if you want to re-install iChat. After a minute or two and a quick reboot I was back in busi­ness. Noth­ing else required and it just works. Nice.

Now if only Apple had let the pop­u­lous know about this ahead of time that would have been even bet­ter.