The Lance Armstrong Debacle

A good friend sent this article (link) to me this morning and it was the first of many that I read regarding the recent allegations and actions by the USADA against Tour de’ France winner Lance Armstrong:

Last night, the net was abuzz with comments regarding the statements and while I continue to be asked about the subject, this is my response that I sent via email this morning:

One, this clearly eliminates credibility for the USADA and poses a severe risk for future American flagged  riders and athletes as a whole. Two, the evidence is so lacking that a court of law would not be able to proceed. There is a lack of even circumstantial evidence and all they have is merely testimony.

Now, if he had truly had done something against the rules, then fine, punish him. But to proceed down this path, this far with only the testimony of athletes who’s credibility is in question as is? That only serves to tarnish the sport, particularly in the US and question the motives of the USADA. An unacceptable approach to say the least and the UCI has concurred.
What’s more disturbing is that given the questionable behavior the USADA they still have the power that they do on an international stage and should be investigated themselves if not suspended from the WADA for the way this case was and is being handled.
This would the equivalent of you being arrested, charged with a crime and sent to prison only because your neighbors said you did something. Not taking into account their motives, or the actual events of the crime or more importantly, the evidence!