Great writing and pedals…

I read, a lot. I love to read. However most of my reading is work related and I spend quite a bit of my time reading technical documents, trade journals, contacts, policies, legal documents and the like. When I get an opportunity to read just for the simple pleasure it often has nothing to do with anything. Or I become immersed in reading about some topic of interest which becomes just as difficult to pull me away from as my work often is. I also read a lot of blogs. I cannot begin to express how heartbroken I am at Google killing off Google Reader. Reader was a powerful vehicle that would save me endless amounts of time searching for and reading through my one hundred plus blogs that I follow. But I digress.

I am drawn to good writers like moths are drawn to a flame. When I find a writer that I like I follow them closely. I go back and read their previous bodies of work. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what ‘kind’ of writer I like. I just know it when I see it. Frequently it is unintentional. Meaning that the author is not trying to elicit the attraction to their work, it just happens. Their style must be one that captures my interest or my imagination. A style to resonates through me and makes me want to read more. This type of writing provides me with a welcome escape from the sometimes banal writing and documentation that I spend so much time immersed in.

When it comes to subjects the writing does not always have to be about a subject or topic that I am greatly interested in for me to be drawn in. My interests vary greatly and there are only a few topics that I am truly passionate about. But, when the great writing and one of my passionate topics collide, I am hooked. This does not happen often but when it does, all the better.

One such passionate topic, as if you did not already know, is cycling. Anything cycling, the riders, the culture, the drama, the controversy and definitely the gear. I have been called a gear hog and I can say with all honesty that includes cycling gear. I love it. I love using it. I love the anticipation of a new piece coming in the mail or finding some item that I simply cannot live without. However, there are a few items of cycling gear that I do not often have an open mind when it comes to change. One of those items is pedals.

My Look pedals are ten plus years old and still going strong. I have contemplated replacing them many times but I have yet to find a pedal that truly piques my interest. I’ve looked at Speedplay, Shimano, newer Looks, Time, pretty much anything that comes up in my searches I look at in depth. I just have not been compelled to identify a replacement. One of those, “If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it” situations I suppose.

Dirty Looks


So by now you are scratching your head wondering what in the hell these two subjects are doing together. Let me explain. Seeing a topic pop up in a blog that I usually skim across and don’t read in any depth, I read the post. I was somewhat ashamed that I until now I have neglected reading the posts as it was one of those situations I mentioned above where the author’s work captivated me. I enjoyed his perspective, I enjoyed his sense of humor (big bonus) and when I was done, I am now considering the exact pedals that he reviewed. Although, for now I’m keeping my Looks…just in case. I will also have to wait until an upcoming move to another city is complete. So you can say that it is on my to-do list.

I know that you are wondering, what post is he talking about, who is this talented writer, where can I see more. His name is Patrick Brady and goes by the pen name of Padraig. I hardly ever pay attention to real names vs pen names and have no opinion on them either way. I do keep track of the authors I like and also keep track of the authors I do not like. The former so I don’t ‘skim’ over an article if one pops up and the latter so I make sure I pass on and don’t waste my time. If you read Patrick’s…er…I mean Padraig’s bio you will see that he chose his pen name earlier on in the predecessor blog so as not to distract the reader by who the author was and allow them to focus on the work. Understandable. You can read more if you like over at Red Kite Prayer.

As for the pedals? They are Ritchey WCS Echelon pedals. I think they are worth a try and when I get around to doing so, I will let you know my impressions here. Unless I set the spring tension too tight and knock myself into oblivion while trying to unclip without falling over.