Low Speed High Drag

I’ve used that phrase many, MANY times before. Often refer­ring to my cycling but also when it comes to things like slow, heav­i­ly loaded, U-Haul trucks as well. One could argue that metaphor­i­cal­ly they are all the same. It is still applic­a­ble to my cycling as I have yet to devel­op a con­sis­tent rid­ing plan that would move me into the Medi­um Speed {still} High Drag cat­e­go­ry but any improve­ment is just that, improve­ment. I will take all I can get. Fol­low­ing my new bike fit and the sug­ges­tions for chang­ing:  1) How I sit on the bike. Such as engag­ing my abdom­i­nals more and uti­liz­ing more of my core to sup­port my upper tor­so. 2) My ped­al­ing. Focus­ing on keep­ing con­sis­tent pres­sure between the fore and aft por­tions of my foot/shoe dur­ing the power/down stroke and not wor­ry­ing so much about scrap­ing and pulling up on the low­er and back end of the stroke. I can feel an improve­ment in my pow­er trans­fer. Although it is pure­ly sub­jec­tive as I do not have a pow­er meter (guess I’ll add that to the wish list). I can also feel the post ride tightness/soreness in dif­fer­ent parts of my legs/body than I used to. Although my back is still a touchy sub­ject. What I need now is to find a good chi­ro­prac­tor that can adjust my pelvic off­set (it screws up my hip rota­tion while ped­al­ing) and that does ther­a­peu­tic mas­sage (I’m get­ting old­er and I hurt).

What I’m wait­ing on today is my new han­dle­bars to arrive. Dur­ing my bike fit, one of my fears was con­firmed. I have pret­ty broad shoul­ders and rid­ing with a 42cm C-C han­dle­bar just doesn’t cut it. It caus­es me to squeeze my shoul­ders and puts my arms/elbows/wrists/hands in an unnat­ur­al posi­tion. Why haven’t I fixed this before now? Hell, I don’t know…laziness? Any­way, I ordered a 44cm bar and we’ll see how that goes. If it’s still too tight then I’ll up it to a 46cm. Wider is bet­ter right?