Low Speed High Drag

I’ve used that phrase many, MANY times before. Often referring to my cycling but also when it comes to things like slow, heavily loaded, U-Haul trucks as well. One could argue that metaphorically they are all the same. It is still applicable to my cycling as I have yet to develop a consistent riding plan that would move me into the Medium Speed {still} High Drag category but any improvement is just that, improvement. I will take all I can get. Following my new bike fit and the suggestions for changing:  1) How I sit on the bike. Such as engaging my abdominals more and utilizing more of my core to support my upper torso. 2) My pedaling. Focusing on keeping consistent pressure between the fore and aft portions of my foot/shoe during the power/down stroke and not worrying so much about scraping and pulling up on the lower and back end of the stroke. I can feel an improvement in my power transfer. Although it is purely subjective as I do not have a power meter (guess I’ll add that to the wish list). I can also feel the post ride tightness/soreness in different parts of my legs/body than I used to. Although my back is still a touchy subject. What I need now is to find a good chiropractor that can adjust my pelvic offset (it screws up my hip rotation while pedaling) and that does therapeutic massage (I’m getting older and I hurt).

What I’m waiting on today is my new handlebars to arrive. During my bike fit, one of my fears was confirmed. I have pretty broad shoulders and riding with a 42cm C-C handlebar just doesn’t cut it. It causes me to squeeze my shoulders and puts my arms/elbows/wrists/hands in an unnatural position. Why haven’t I fixed this before now? Hell, I don’t know…laziness? Anyway, I ordered a 44cm bar and we’ll see how that goes. If it’s still too tight then I’ll up it to a 46cm. Wider is better right?