Shafted Again.

First things first. I stole that title. Plain and simple, in all matters of plagiarism and theft, I stole that title from Bike Snob NYC and I’m not sorry I did.

But, in my defense, I simply couldn’t come up with anything better than what he did. Here’s why:

The New York Times published this Op-Ed piece by Daniel Duane. I avoided reading it for a day or two simply because of the title. I mean, WTF? What part of that title even sounds right and isn’t the least bit offensive? Does the fact that it is posed as a question make it any more ‘politically correct’? So, after reading it I gave it some time to digest. Each passing minute I kept rolling it over in my head until I got to the point that I just lost it. Thinking, “Holy shit, what in the hell are people thinking!?!” And that’s when I ran across BSNYC’s post regarding the same Op-Ed piece. No matter how hard I could try, there isn’t a better way to get my point across than using his words. So there you go. Go read it here. Now.