Know how a 2 year old teases you?

I have a prime example…it is when said two year old tells you that he is going to put is pacifier in the trash. This is greatness. We were so excited but I had to wonder in the back of my head if it was going to stay that way. The thought lingered in the back of my head all day and tonight when putting him down it happened. It didn’t play out exactly like I had pictured but the end result was the same. I ended up going downstairs and getting his paci’s out of the trash, washing them and returning back upstairs. Despite my excitement that he may actually be rid of them.

Fresh start redux…

Ok, I really didn’t ‘delete’ all of the old posts I just took them offline until I could review them. As I started to go through them they ended up being pointless because the links had expired or really contained info that was so out of date that it just didn’t make sense to try and update. One after the other they ended up getting deleted. About half way through, which was somewhere around Sept. 2006 I decided that the whole effort was pointless and just deleted everything prior to 2009. So here it is…a REAL fresh start. 🙂

Fresh start…

I had posts on here going back to 2005. So, as a fresh start I thought I’d just forget about all of the old ones and start 2009 off new.

Michelle finally decided to start blogging so I’m taking this as an opportunity for us to encourage each other to stay on top of our updates. We’ll see what happens.

As with all fresh starts during the new year you have to have a New Year’s Resolution. Well, not really but since I’ve not really ever had one that I can recall now’s a good time to start. Michelle and I figured that not having a resolution hasn’t really done anything for us so let’s see what happens when you actually make one.

My resolutions for 2009:

  • Get back into shape.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Grow the business.
  • Have as much fun doing all of the above as possible.

We’ll see what happens.